The Volks Fabrication Group meets the exacting demands of project engineers by understanding the required specifications; providing quality craftsmanship; consistently meeting deadlines; and insisting on the highest standards of quality and safety. Our manufacturing facilities operate on a 26-acre site in Prairieville, Louisiana, featuring easily accessible waterways and highways and great flexibility with material handling and fabricated items.

Pressure Vessels

Volks solves today’s fabrication challenges by providing clients with state-of-the-art facilities, the most efficient technology, most qualified craftsman and most professional management team — all of which have driven our growth in the ASME pressure vessel market and allowed us to set new standards to which other fabricators will be judged.

  • 575 feet long x 50 feet wide
  • 25 feet under crane hook
  • 31,700 square feet under roof
  • CNC plasma cutting table (10′ x 49′ x 2″ thickness)
  • AC/DC tandem arc welding machines
  • 110-ton under hook lifting capacity
  • Diameters: Up to 18’
  • Thicknesses: Up to 3.5”
  • National Board Stamps R, S, U & U2

Process Piping

The Volks pipe shop has the latest equipment and technology to complete your process piping requirements accurately and efficiently.

  • 200 feet long x 60 feet wide
  • 20 feet under crane hook
  • 15,200 square feet under roof
  • Maximum O.D.: 72”
  • Spool Size: 40’ x 8’ x 8’
  • Spool Output: 150 per week
  • Small vessel fabrication
  • National Board Stamps R, S, U & U2
  • B31.1 and B31.3

Structural Steel

Our structural steel shop can provide your special project with customized ladders, platforms, ductwork and other unique steel requirements. And because we are not a beam line shop, we can be more flexible to meet your needs. When you choose Volks, you’re choosing a team that has met our clients’ steel fabrication needs for more than 51 years.

  • 200 feet long x 70 feet wide
  • 14 feet under crane hook
  • 13,600 square feet under roof
  • Capacity: 30-40 tons per week
  • 120-ton Piranha

Metal Forming

The Volks steel forming department employs the latest cold forming equipment and technology to execute your steel bending requests quickly and precisely. When the industry demands accuracy and experience, they turn to Volks to service their needs.

  • 200 feet long x 50 feet wide
  • 20 feet under crane hook
  • 60 Ton Lifting capacity
  • 10,000 square feet under roof
  • Capacity: Max roll diameter of 17’; max roll thickness of 2”
  • 3- and 4-roll plate bending machines
  • Angle rollers